Collateral360® Q1 Release Demo and
Clear Capital Spotlight

During this webinar, the LightBox team demos recently released Collateral360® features, shares a sneak peek into our Q2 roadmap and beyond, and introduces our Clear Capital partners to highlight a couple of new products now available.


Tom Adams
Senior Product Manager, LightBox

Tom has almost 20 years of CRE experience through sales, support, implementation, and management of several LightBox products and platforms. A champion of the Lean and Agile product development philosophies, Tom hates waste and is constantly working with clients to help develop new features and functionality to improve their workflow while reducing potential errors.

Dave Newell
Customer Development Director, Valuations, Clear Capital

With more than 12 years of experience at Clear Capital, Dave is highly involved in the development, implementation, and growth of Clear Capital’s products and solutions. Dave’s commitment to our clients comes from a simple philosophy: invest in relationships. Dave is passionate about Real Estate and Finance and he works tirelessly to understand each client’s business, so he can offer meaningful solutions.

Greg LaPlaunt
Manager, Commercial Products, Clear Capital

Greg is a firm believer in ‘quality without compromise’ possessing a strong dedication to reliable, accurate commercial valuation products. With a lengthy background in retail consumer banking and over 10 years at Clear Capital overseeing our Commercial Products division, he understands the added value superior commercial valuation products can provide to the lender and consumer alike. Committed to raising expectations, Greg is ever-focused on improving the quality of product and services offered to our mutual clients.