PZR Reports to Close Deals and Make Smarter Business Decisions

View the webinar, PZR Reports to Close Deals and Make Smarter Business Decisions, where we dive into zoning basics and our comprehensive zoning solutions. 

Takeaways from this webinar: 

  • The fundamentals of zoning regulations and nuances related to your real estate development and closing processes. 
  • Review several case studies to highlight and avoid common zoning pitfalls. 
  • Learn how LightBox PZR leverages three decades of zoning expertise to deliver the highest quality zoning reports fast. 


Deborah Brunk
Vice President/Client Manager

When it comes to developing the industry standard PZR Report, Deborah is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of experience. She has successfully managed an impressive number of over 75,000 separate zoning reports while collaborating with clients on a diverse range of portfolio transactions. Her expertise in guiding clients through the complex process of determining zoning compliance has allowed her to build strong relationships with them. Deborah's involvement in developing the PZR brand and process has made her one of the most reputable and recognized professionals in the industry.

Bradley Hardin
Vice President/Client Manager

Brad Hardin's exceptional skills as a Client Manager in the real estate due diligence industry have been proven time and time again with his track record of delivering top-notch zoning compliance reports. His extensive experience in managing complex portfolio transactions for major lenders has made him an expert in the field, with over 50,000 reports written and reviewed during his two decades at PZR. Brad's contributions have set the gold standard in the industry, and his impressive credentials, including a degree from The University of Central Oklahoma, are a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous professional growth.