PFAS Part 2: Scoping Strategies for Phase IIs

Recorded On: Wednesday, March 1st   
Duration: 45 minutes

In Part 1 of our PFAS Due Diligence Scoping series in December, experts discussed the key technical and legal issues for EPs and Users when considering whether to include PFAS in their Phase I ESA scope of work per ASTM E1527-21. In Part 2, panelists take the discussion a step further and give attendees practical guidance on what to consider if the Phase I ESA identifies a likely PFAS condition.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear from an experienced EP and attorney as they share timely advice on Phase II investigation strategies and how to address possible outcomes, including: 

  • Evaluating Phase I ESA findings and conclusions: what triggers a Phase II? Are any sites “automatic Phase IIs”? 
  • What kind of PFAS tests are available? And how low should we go with limits of detection? 
  • Are the methods and costs similar to investigations of more common chemicals? 
  • How do disclosure rules impact decisions? 
  • Are legal protections and cleanup funds available for PFAS? 
  • How conclusive are the results and what do you do if PFAS are detected? 
  • How is the presence of PFAS impacting commercial real estate transactions?



Alan Agadoni
SVP EDR Solutions, LightBox



Ned Witte
Attorney Shareholder, Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. 

Jonathan Kitchen
Principal, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.